Beans Tra My Nails

22/11/2018 00:07

"All the best", "the best nail address", ... these are the comments of customers after using nail services. Nails at My Tea. No need to advertise loudly, just enough is enough to prove the professionalism and credibility of this nail salon. Not only bring satisfaction to the unique and impressive nail samples, Nails Beans also make many customers satisfied with modern facilities, the best equipment and the best in security. Birth and nail tools are always sterilized thoroughly, ensuring absolute safety when you use the service.

Always try to create your own highlight, the team of enthusiastic nail technicians here have been constantly learning about the latest nail styles from which to create creative art masterpieces. Only available at Nails Tea. Using the brand of water paint prestige, ensure not to make gold nails, water repainted durable, difficult to fade, hard to fade, which is also the point always makes customers feel secure when coming to the salon.
As a professional nail address, experienced in the care as well as beauty of the nail, is recognized by many customers, Nails Tra My is exactly a great choice for girls who like to transform. His nails become very impressive, unique and special can attract the opposite person.

Address: 89a Ly Nam De, Hanoi
Phone: 090 240 86 86

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