Egg scrambled eggs

01/11/2018 09:06

Thanks to travel in many places, passionate exploration of regional cuisine, love many seafood dishes, the husband and wife have decided to open the restaurant,
There are scallop eggs that they have experienced while traveling in Saigon.

The way to make this dish is not too complicated, especially when you are familiar with hand-made grilled oyster onions. The familiar point of this dish, actually is the scallop grilled onions,
Another is to add a single egg to the grill with each oyster.

Selected scallops are smooth shellfish, big ones. Each scallop is soaked and thoroughly cleaned, thorough to eat without sand or grit ...

After removing a top shell, the oysters are roasted on a charcoal grill. Especially, the coal must be enough to burn fire, not too large nor too small to scald medium without fear of fire.
To a moderate degree, grilled oysters will be grilled onion and prepared spices prepared beforehand, bake a bit more for the scallop to smash a egg, to let the eggs ripen and then add more dry. , roasted peanuts are small.

Often the eggs do not need to be cooked thoroughly, so that the peach will taste better. Eggs served with grilled oyster mushrooms will increase the aroma, fat for the scallop, very suitable for scallops.

This dish when finished cooking must be eaten right away, to cool a little is deliciousness will reduce many parts. The sweetness of the shell when accompanied with spices, new eggs how to do, how delicious.
Eggs - the shell suddenly became a "perfect couple", raising the barbecue grilled scallops on a new position, more attractive. If you like spicy food can spice a little more.

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