Fried sour roll Grilled 10 Au Trieu

23/04/2018 21:27

Fried sour roll Grilled 10 Au Trieu

The noodles are served at 10 Au Trieu, open from 14h until 0h am. It is called a bar, but this place is very simple. The dining table here is essentially just trays stacked on green chairs and placed on one side of the alley to block the path.

Unlike fried spring rolls which are dry and yellow in color, grilled spring rolls keep the fresh pink color of the meat along with a sticky adhesive attached to the outside. Sip a bit of chili in a small bowl, the aroma and pieces of baked rice noodles are blended and melted when brought to the mouth. In addition to grilled rolls, you can also choose other dishes such as golden fish, beef or grilled squid ...

The price for a baked cream roll here is 4,500 VND, iced tea 3,000 VND a cup, lemon tea 7,000 VND a cup, fruits about 15,000 VND per dish

Đường đi từ Golden Cyclo Hotel đến số 10 Ấu Triệu

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