Hang Da Market

21/11/2018 21:36

Hang Da Market is considered by the Ha Thanh people as a wholesale market for various products from food, clothes, shoes, to gold and cloth. Not new and strange, this place is the mother of choice as a familiar destination and love every day.

Located in the prime location in the heart of Hoan Kiem District, there is ample parking space so this market is becoming a convenient and safe shopping destination for many Ha Thanh people.

The market is spacious with 3 main sales areas:

On the 2nd floor
It is a high-end shopping area with many beautifully decorated shops at a price that is not cheap at all. Not only clothing brand but many accessories are also available here.

1st floor
The goods are sold mainly bakery confectionery with the price from 500,000 VND / bottle of foreign wine.

The hall on the first floor is quite large and also the monthly event organizer of the market attracts a lot of attention and attention of all people.

Contrary to the shimmering, luxurious setting like the first and second floor, the basement is the place to sell food from vegetables to meat and fish. Fish and seafood are only good in the early morning, when they have just been transported, which is why the stores are usually crowded to buy early in the morning.

Vegetables here are quite fresh and extremely rich types, from apples, pears, watermelon, guava, ... any kind, however, if the price of vegetables here is considered. more expensive than other markets in Hanoi.

The most special item is the item of clothes. Anyone who procures, knows that this is a clue to selling carts. Compared to other markets, there are many people who come to visit and seem to be more interested in not only because the goods here are richer but also more beautiful than other markets, but go with it is more expensive, bargain harder. To buy the best bargains, you have to know bargain, compare prices, and to pretend not to love the seller down the price.

If you come to Hanoi but never once visited, not once experienced the interesting here, then dare sure after reading this article of Hanoi, you will have to stand up and come to the market Skin. Wish you have a fun shopping visit.

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