Hanoi night market

09/03/2018 18:39

1. What is the night market in Hanoi?
This bustling night market is located in the Hoan Kiem district, next to Hoan Kiem Lake and the Hanoi pedestrian street, which has been under administration since 2016. It consists of 3 Hang Dao Street - Hang Ngang - Hang Road, stretching about 1km from Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square to the area of ​​Dong Xuan Market. Where is the night market in Hanoi? -  This is a question many people when looking to the night market every weekend fun.

You can easily find your way here by clicking on the directions to the Hanoi Old Quarter night market

2. What is the opening night market in Hanoi?

Hanoi Old Quarter night market starts from  18h - 23h on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights  . At this time, the huts and mobile food outlets will begin to welcome visitors.

Time should depart: You should go to the market before 19h to facilitate the car, then leisurely bustling atmosphere here.

3. Guide to travel and send the car to the night market in Hanoi.

Guide to go to Hanoi Old Quarter Market

You can choose from several ways to reach the night market area:

Motorcycles / oto

If you choose to move by these two vehicles, please pay attention to the road, the one-way street around this area to avoid the penalty for the violation of basic traffic offline.

For example:  You can refer to the motorcycle route without the opposite way such as:  Village - Le Duan - Tran Nhan Tong - Quang Trung - Nha Chung.

Call taxi / xe om

Or simply, if you have not mastered the streets of Hanoi then call a taxi or a xe om (Grap, Uber or other traditional car companies). The driver will take you to the right place where you need not worry anymore. Please feel free.

Where do you go to Hanoi?

You can send the car at the location near the most night market that is: car park along Bao Khanh street next to Hang Trong at 10k / night.

Because Hanoi is planning a night market in Hanoi Old Quarter is part of the pedestrian street on the weekend, so the car to the night market is also planned with the area of ​​walking street . You can  refer to the following article  to select the location of the car to the market easily.

4. Hanoi night market

Referring to the Hanoi night market, diners who come here often call this night market a junk food paradise, with deliciously delicious food. You can sip the food from the popular to the more popular with the price range from a few thousand to one / two hundred thousand for a dish.

Golden Cyclo Hotel will list you the hottest dishes in Hanoi Old Quarter market, each dish has its own taste, you will not have to think about what to  eat in the old town night market  again.

  • Grilled meat: 20k / 3 slices.
  • Sausage: 15k / skew.
  • Candy pinch waffle: 10k / pcs.
  • Potato tornado: 20k / oblique.
  • Potato yolk + lemon juice:  35k / combo.
  • Mango beef dry:  20k / capacity.
  • Bear cake: 60k / bag
  • Korean barbecue: take the direction of 20k a skew, price
  • Korean barbecue: 20k / skew. There are many types of skewers, you can choose skewers to the plate as buffet, the bar owner will bake for you, skewers are used with sweet and sour sauce sauce. You can choose the first shop from the market, the restaurant with octopus sauce is considered to be quite delicious)
  • Fish Cake: 20k / skew - Waffles like Korean street food, this dish is slightly salty taste, fish smell, boiled and fried, use the same sweet and sour sauce.
  • Kimpap Welding: 30k / tray - fried kimpap covered pretty good sauce.
  • Rice cakes tokbokki welding: 20k / cup. According to some comments, compared with Korean customers, the tokbokki here is a bit sweet, but with the Vietnamese, you can eat quite the mouth. If you want to eat spicy, you can ask the owner to add chili sauce.
  • Thai Green Tea Roll Cream: 30k / cup
  • Thai Blueberry Roll Cream: 40k / cup
  • Mix fruit: 20k / cup
  • Roll paper: 20k / capacity, with rice paper, rice paper rolls and rolls
  • Fruit Cream: 25k / pcs
  • Hoi An tube: 5k / unit
  • Bread types: 15k / unit
  • Drift boat: 10k - 20k / bowl, drifted black sesame boat with warm ginger smell very warm suitable for the Hanoi on the fall.
  • Cattle, grill: 150k - 300k / capacity

There are also many other items such as dry cow dumplings, pillow cake, tea, cream, corn with shrimp, grilled corn, roasted sweet potatoes, chopped cassava chips. and other wildlife is also a lot of visitors choose to enjoy.

Or you can turn to the street of Hang Buom to enjoy the barbecue, boiled potatoes, potato cakes, bananas, croissants, porridge, clam steamed ... full of delicious delicious again.

5. What is the other nightlife market in Hanoi Old Quarter?

Shopping for cheap

In addition to attractive dishes, Hanoi's Old Quarter also attracts visitors four-way by the items from the phone, the card design meticulously to the clothes, shoes, bags, belts , the price of goods, souvenirs, ... Each item has a popular price, only from a few tens of thousands to several hundred thousand.

Shopping at Hanoi Old Quarter Market

Shopping at Hanoi Old Quarter Market


  • You can buy beautiful sweaters for about 90k - 120k
  • Raw khaki pants, jeans with the amount from 100k - 200k.
  • With 30k you have picked up a wooden hook with a letter engraved his name.
  • Unique cards cost only 20k.
  • Clothes fall east about 50k / pcs.
  • Women's sweater about 80k / unit
  • T-shirts cost from 50k-120k / unit.
  • Women's 20k / 3 pairs, men's 30k - 35k / 3 pairs.
  • 40k wool scarf - 90k / pcs.
  • Handbag 70k - 100k - 200k / bag.

All of these items are on sale in mobile stalls, or in bright houses along the street. There are many things to choose from. However, consider when deciding to buy a certain product. Here are mainly Chinese goods, imported from Mong Cai - Quang Ninh or Lang Son border gate, Lao Cai ... And you choose carefully, because there may be some items may be damaged, ...

Seductive space

Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is a combination of ancient features of timeless colored roofs, mossy walls with busy atmosphere, bustling passersby. All make a special charm that the children of faraway land remember when away from Hanoi.

Right next to the walking street

Do not forget right next to the night market is a walking street nhé, just walk a little more towards the Sword Lake you can enjoy more bustling atmosphere but not too crowded as in the night market already. .

There are rainy days not thick grain, the old town night market still attracts crowds of people and visitors. That is enough to show you the charm of this market right. Wish you have a happy weekend with your friends and loved ones.

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