Hang Bac Street.

One of the oldest streets in Hanoi has traditionally been silver since the 13th century when silver pieces were brought here from rural villages under the decree of King Le Thanh Tong.

Fried rice with Hang Bo

The leaves here are small, but inside the meat is quite full, served with raw vegetables and sweet and sour sauce extremely well.

Ham Long street

Desserts are typical of the Hanoians extremely easy to eat that anyone crushed. There are two types of dumplings: traditional dried beefsteak and crossbred beef.

Hot Blowing Hang Bong

The plus point that many diners like to eat here is always fresh. Only when customers call the owner to cut shreds into frying pan.

Wood veneer stairs

Bun Duc Thang Duc Cau Doan for decades has always been attached to many generations of Hanoians. Just a small shop not a luxury sign or luxury space, but noodles Duc Duc ladder is enough to make those who pass by stop to linger.

Four Seasons Tea

As the name suggests, Tea Four Seasons has many different types of tea for guests to choose from depending on each season. The tea here is quite traditional, raw tea but simple enough to eat people feel oily.

Hang Chieu noodle soup - delicious address in the old town

Referring to the delicious noodles in Hanoi, we can not ignore Binh Tay noodles on Hang Chieu street. The noodles here are quite large and full, spicy noodles, sweet broth with shrimps and bones.

Thang Long Industrial Park

Established and licensed in 1997, Japan left 58 percent of its capital, built infrastructure, called for investment, and has land use rights for 50 years.

Taiwan Industrial Park

The Taiwan-Hanoi Industrial Park, which is currently under construction, will turn Gia Lam district into a suburb of Hanoi, with agriculture earning about $ 54,500 a year for an industrial park. About 200 million US dollars a year.

Sai Dong B Industrial Park

Promulgator: Ministry of Planning and Investment, form of investment: joint venture. The Vietnamese partner is Hanoi Electronics Company (Hanel) and foreign partner is DAEWOO Corporation - Korea.
Head Office Floor 9, Daeha Business Center 360 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Phone: 8 315 173 - 8 315 174, Fax: 8 315 175.

Sai Dong A Industrial Park

Authorized: Ministry of Planning and Investment, License No.: 1595 / GP, issued: 17/6/1996.
Sai Dong A Industrial Park has a land area of ​​407 hectares and an industrial park of 147 hectares. Residential and business: 105ha, green park and public area: 105ha.

Phở Lý Quốc Sư

Ly Quoc Su noodles in the top of the famous noodles are famous in Hanoi, Pho here specializes in beef noodles, cooked or buckwheat ... to diners choose the option.

Thong ke