Long Bien Bridge

18/04/2018 15:59

About Long Bien Bridge


Hanoi has Long Bien Bridge

Long wide just north on the Red River

The vehicle travels freely

People are busy bundled upside down


Long Bien Bridge  is the first steel bridge across the Red River linking Hoan Kiem and Long Bien districts of Hanoi. The French bridge was built between 1898 and 1902 under the then Governor General of Indochina Doumer. The bridge is 2290m ​​across the river and 896m in bridges, spanning 19 steel beams spanning over 20 pillars with unique architecture. The bridge is designed with a single rail running in the middle and two lanes for bicycles and pedestrians.

One thing that few people know about the bridge is that it was the second longest bridge in the world (just after the Brooklyn Bridge across the East River), even known as the Eiffel Tower of Hanoi.

Long Bien Bridge was the second longest bridge in the world

Long Bien Bridge was the second longest bridge in the world (Photo: ST)

Historical events associated with Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge has witnessed the most important milestone of the nation's two greatest resistance wars is the war against the French colonialists and the resistance against American imperialism.

In 1945, when Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence in Ba Dinh Square, the bridge became the bridge leading thousands of suburban people to Uncle Ho, happy people and proud, happy how much the bridge is. record that moment.

Long Bien Bridge in the 1940s

Long Bien Bridge in 1940 (Photo: ST)

In October 1954, Hanoi was flooded with flowers in celebration of the capital's liberation, the Long Bien Bridge standing there and witnessing the joy of the nation. And 21 years later, the bridge once again witnessed the joy of national unity, the South was liberated. So, through more than 100 years of history, the bridge is no longer an inanimate object, it is like a companion to each other people and our country.

The bridge has witnessed the sad joy of the capital

The bridge has witnessed the sad joy of the capital (Photo: ST).

Interesting activities around Long Bien Bridge

See Hanoi on high

Long Bien bridge  is sure to bridge with the memories, the bridge that the young people often run out of the car to wind up a day or more to feel the urgent need a space to breathe. The bridge is also a place where students are always gathered to sit back and play a happy song, which holds our memories of youth.

The scene is crowded and crowded

The scene is busy and crowded (Photo: ST).

Cafe Tran Nhat Duat

Tran Nhat Duat cafe, at the 4th floor with open space can see Long Bien bridge far. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, just talk and look away is the ancient bridge, rocky Red River, crowded market and a large area of ​​space. This will give you another perspective on the Long Bien bridge, which is the view from above instead of looking straight or looking "up" from the bottom of the Red Rock.

The angle of shooting makes us dream about Hanoi in the old days

Angle of shooting makes us dream about Hanoi in the old days (Photo: ST)

Eat corn baked sweet potatoes in winter

Winter to the Long Bien Bridge will be the ideal place to sit back and eat corn baked potatoes, enjoy the cool air winds whiz in the ears and find the warmth from the fire, hot potato hot and.

Hand up the warm winter heat of corn potatoes

Hands warmed up in the heat of the corn potatoes in winter (Image: ST)

On the Red River rock beach photographed

Red rock beach is sure to be no strange place for young people because this is the familiar spot of many people, the vast, wide green landscape will certainly make you have beautiful pictures. It's like being in a prairie somewhere. From Long Bien bridge, you move down the area under the bridge, go deep inside the road hidden by the trees, ask the people here will point you to the floating rock floating area. Hello.

The red rock of the Red River at the foot of the Long Bien Bridge

The red river rock at the foot of the Long Bien Bridge (Photo: ST)

Hopefully with interesting information on  Long Bien bridge  above will help you more love about the bridge associated with the heroic and majestic years of our father.

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