Ngon Villa

23/11/2018 22:11

At Ngon Villa and Goldencyclohotel 150m is only 3 minutes walk away, we offer cooking classes suitable for beginners and experts. With only a few hours from going to the market, picking your own ingredients to getting back to the kitchen and turning them into your own dish. We will, once again, prove that cooking is not hard, but fun.

The fusion of old-world splendor and cutting edge sophistication defines HOME Hanoi – Vietnamese Restaurant. Set within a former French residence in the charming Truc Bach neighborhood, HOME is the unique Vietnamese restaurant situated between the historic labyrinth of the old trading quarter and the expansive serenity of West Lake. Our interior space befits the exterior majesty with a modern and yet cozy arrangement inspired by traditional and historic tastes. Each room has a unique atmosphere and our outdoor tables encircle the detached mansion.

Step into HOME and be captivated by magnificent aromas before sitting down to a wealth of enchanting flavours of authentic Vietnamese food. It is our passion to impress and excite and it’s through our cuisine that this is best achieved. All our ingredients are painstakingly sourced to ensure the highest possible quality in order to prepare an unforgettable meal. With a delightful a-la-carte and several set menus served throughout the day, you are guaranteed to be satisfied whenever you want to treat yourself to a great Vietnamese meal.

Through our Vietnamese menus, we want to pay our respect for the past and our ambitions for the future. And through the design we want to remind our guests and ourselves that the culture today is a product of thousands of years of influence and resilience.


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