Origin of Ta Hien

18/04/2018 18:49

Origin of Ta Hien


If you have been living in Hanoi, you will no stranger to the most famous nightlife entertainment - Ta Ta street. Considered to be the only western town in the capital, Xieng has the charm of not only the capital but also the foreign tourists.

Tạ Hiện

Ta Xun  is the most bustling metropolis in Hanoi, with pedestrian streets extending from Ta Ta - Luong Ngoc Quyen - Hang Bac to Hang Ngang - Hang Dao. During the French colonial period, Ta Tieu Street was merged from the Old Quarter, named after Rue Géraud. But people are still used to calling this place is Quang Lac Lane because in the middle of the street is the location of the most famous the second Hanoi theater at that time - Quang Lac Theater. The place where the rowing opera in the capital of the capital, Quang Lac is considered to enjoy the lively and bustling poetry of the elite. Around the theater is busy bustling restaurants, refreshments for guests to watch and night walks.

From the shops selling porridge, noodles, barbecued noodles or crowded beer stalls to go to street vendors selling tea, donuts, dumplings, ...; All of them create a busy, noisy environment of the small neighborhood at night. Since 1945, the neighborhood has been renamed Ta Hien, named after a leader of the Can Vuong movement in Thai Binh province - Ta Quang Hien (1841-1887 or 1893).

Are there any good things to do?

If Saigon is famous West Bui Institute, Hue ancient capital proud of the city without sleeping Pham Ngu Lao Ta Ta convergence all the beauty of Ha Thanh. Ta Hien has been named as the most worthy destination in Hanoi, a crossroads between East and East culture, has just saturated with modern, liberal, and ancient pho.

Tạ Hiện

With the narrow house with the old brown roof tile, the small road is more than hundred meters long, bushy Ta Ta still retain the ancient beauty of Ha to hundreds of years ago. Ta Tieng is built on French-style architecture with dozens of adjacent two-storey houses with a homogeneous design, bringing the sound of the early 20th century. Romantic, quiet but extremely noble, solemn of this prestigious neighborhood. Ta tien's unpretentious beauty is often compared to international travelers in the western Khaosan neighborhood in Thailand. Different from the quiet beauty in the morning, dreaming Ta show up charming, tingling when the night falls.

Tạ Hiện

Rare places in Hanoi bring unique beauty, vibrant, bustling like Ta Show every night. The shops, pubs and sidewalk are close together to sell the delicious pavement characteristics of Hanoi has become an unforgettable impression on the people here in general and international tourists in particular. When you set foot here, you will be overwhelmed by the busy space bustling people pass. Pictures of the young people or the West Balo gathering beer, cutting the wind, chatting and sipping a sip of cool beer impressed strongly for first time visitors to Ta Hien. It seems that all barriers of language, culture, cuisine, ... have been blurred. All the soulfulness in harmony in the space, fun, together to enjoy the breath of life Hanoi at night in each moment.

Busy atmosphere in the 1900 bar

Ta Ta is not to mention the vibrant pubs, bars such as Hay Bar, 1900 Le Theater Bar , ... You can live in full sublimation moment with the music of drinking wine drunk exciting. These are the most entertaining and entertaining places on this street. Not only is the venue of the hottest performances, nightclubs are also attracting young people by the modern living space with sound system, extreme light and countless flavors. rich, diverse, extremely new.

Culinary at Ta To

Ta Tieu Food Street

Mentioned Ta Ta people will remember the specific beer here. Anyone who has ever visited Ta Show are fascinated with the aroma of beer, delicious cool cool where no one can match. Therefore, Ha City people often in favor of calling Ta Xun is "street beer in the heart of the capital." Beer Tạ has become a unique feature difficult to find anywhere in Hanoi. It is the spirit of the capital, the cohesion of young souls, full of vitality. Cool glass of gold beer mixed in the foam white foam has become a hard image in the hearts of Hanoi. Enjoying the delicious taste of Ta Hien beer and sipping the accompanying snacks is an extremely enjoyable experience. Just the simple sidewalk pavement, not ostentatious, not luxury but occupy the special place in the heart of the place.

Beer Show

Besides, you can explore the cuisine of the street when stopping here. The pavement dishes are hearty dinners such as fried nem fried, chicken leg with chili, fried potatoes, cottage cheese, street taro, ... Pieces of potato chips are fried gold, melt in the mouth will You want to taste it again. Especially, do not miss the delicious grilled quail eggs in Ta Hien. The bird is carefully cleaned, seasoned and seasoned on the stove with a layer of thick honey honey. If you accidentally walked past these baked bird shops, you probably would not be able to guard it but go to the pub to enjoy the delicious, fat, soft, smooth taste of the unique duck. The crispy, crispy yellow skin mixed with soft damp meat and spicy soy sauce has become a perfect combination, unparalleled.

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