Ham Long street

Desserts are typical of the Hanoians extremely easy to eat that anyone crushed. There are two types of dumplings: traditional dried beefsteak and crossbred beef.

Four Seasons Tea

As the name suggests, Tea Four Seasons has many different types of tea for guests to choose from depending on each season. The tea here is quite traditional, raw tea but simple enough to eat people feel oily.

Hang Chieu noodle soup - delicious address in the old town

Referring to the delicious noodles in Hanoi, we can not ignore Binh Tay noodles on Hang Chieu street. The noodles here are quite large and full, spicy noodles, sweet broth with shrimps and bones.

Lẩu Thái - Quang Trung

Hot pot in the restaurant has hot pot sour taste, decor, color is extremely eye-catching.
Diners coming here will be served a separate hot pot, including beef, shrimp, clam and some vegetables with hot pot.

Xoi - Sticky rice

Place: Xoi Van, 216 Hang Bong str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi.
Xôi Cát Lâm 24B Hàng Điếu. Xôi Yến 35B Nguyễn Hữu Huân,
Sticky rice means steamed stiky rice, but it is the additional ingredients that make in shine

Pho cuon

This modern – day twist on noodles and beef quickly became popular due to dish’s harmony of flavors and simple preparation.

Banh cuon - Rolled Cake

Banh cuon Ba Hanh, 27 Tho Xuong str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi.
This light dish is commonly eaten for breakfast, make from a thin steam rice sheet filled with minced pork and wood ear mushroom, then topped with fried shallots.

Pho - Pho

Pho has been a popular street food in Hanoi since the 1920.

Bun cha - Bun cha Obama

Bun cha a distance cousin of the Southern Bun thit nuong also including grilled pork and rice vermicelli, bun cha originated from and remain popular in Hanoi

Egg scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs combined together became a "perfect couple", creating scallops scrambled eggs very attractive.
Scrambled eggs are not new dishes, but in Hanoi, this dish has not been much popular. While we have become so accustomed to dishes like grilled scallops or grilled cheese scallops, scrambled eggs are sure to be a "new breeze" that culinary fans should try.

Fried sour roll Grilled 10 Au Trieu

Fried sour roll Grilled 10 Au Trieu

Thong ke