Sai Dong B Industrial Park

19/11/2018 20:58

Promulgator: Ministry of Planning and Investment, form of investment: joint venture. The Vietnamese partner is Hanoi Electronics Company (Hanel) and foreign partner is DAEWOO Corporation - Korea.
Head Office Floor 9, Daeha Business Center 360 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Phone: 8 315 173 - 8 315 174, Fax: 8 315 175.

Area of ​​land: 96ha, Sai Dong B industrial area 79ha, land traffic: 10ha.
The total investment capital for infrastructure construction of the project is VND 120.36 billion. Foreigners invest 100%.
The industrial zone is developed in 3 phases as follows: Phase 1: 48.5 ha, phase 2: 48.61 ha and phase 3: Other facilities

Fields of investment in industrial zones: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Electronics, Automobile Industry, Light Industry and High Tech Industry.

Location: Sai Dong area. Gia Lam district, Hanoi. Duration: By 2047

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