Tan Truong Industrial Park

28/11/2018 22:17

Detailed plan for construction of Tan Truong Industrial Park, Cam Giang District was approved by the Ministry of Construction in Decision No. 1095 / QD-BXD dated August 1, 2006, approved by People's Committee of Hai Duong Province. details of construction in Decision No. 91 / QĐ-UBND dated 14/01/2010.

* Location, scale:
Tan Truong Industrial Park is adjacent to Highway 5 at Km41 (in the South), located in Tan Truong and Cam Dong communes of Cam Giang district. 46km from Hanoi, 59km from Hai Phong.
- To the north, it borders on the road along National Highway No. 5;
- In the south and east, it borders on the Tieu River;
- The west residential area of ​​Tan Truong commune land planning residential area - service Tan Truong Industrial Park.
Industrial Park: 198.06 ha.
The industrial park in the West has residential area - service area of ​​31.68 ha.
* Characteristics of IPs:
Industrial zones include the following industries: assembly industry, consumer goods, fine arts, textile and garment industry, food processing, agricultural products, power industry and warehouse business. Industrial enterprises investing in industrial zones must have advanced technological lines and must meet the prescribed environmental standards.

* Using land structure:
* Technical infrastructure system:
- Transportation: The North-South main road connecting to National Highway 5 has the cross section of 36m (road surface of 10.5m x 2, separation distance of 3m, summer time of 6m x 2).
The remaining sections have sections: 30m (road surface 7.5m x 2m, 3m distance, 6m x 2m), 25m (road surface 10.5m, 5m x 2m) and 20.5m 10.5m, summer 7.25m x 2).
- Power supplied by Hai Duong Power Company.
- Water supply supplied by Hai Duong Water Supply One-member Co., Ltd.
- Waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 2,000m3 / day.
* Investors constructing and trading industrial infrastructure infrastructure:

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