Temple of the Jade Mountain

20/04/2018 23:32

About Ngoc Son Temple


Ngoc Son Temple is  located in Ngoc island right in the Hoan Kiem Lake. The temple was built in the nineteenth century.  Formerly, this temple is the temple to oppose the evil. After this place was converted into a Buddhist temple, finally remodeled into a temple today

Ngoc Son Temple

Ngoc Son Temple (photo collection)

The architecture of  Ngoc Son temple  express quite religious harmony through thousand years of culture. It's a great example of space and architecture. Built in the Tam-shaped architecture, Ngoc Son Temple is the worshiping place of Van Xuong De Quan (literary master) and worshiping of Tran Hung Dao. In addition, this place also worship Buddha Amitabha, Lu Dongbin, Quan Van Truong. It is very clear that the concept of "the three religions" of the Vietnamese with the meaning of unity and harmony. The harmony of these religions is not only evident in the worship but also in the architecture, construction, the system of parallel sentences, lacquered and decorated in Ngoc Son Temple.

Guide to move to Ngoc Son Temple

Being located right in the inner city center of Hanoi so moving here is relatively easy. With buses, you can choose the following buses:

  • Route 08: departs from Long Bien wharf.
  • Route 14: From Co Nhue.
  • Route 31: Depart from Polytechnic University.
  • Route 36: originates from Long Bien transit point.

With motorbikes, you have a lot of choices to move, depending on where you are at the moment. All you have to do is remember the streets of the city and then go on. Currently, navigation applications such as Google maps have become more and more popular so that you can more convenient to travel. Or if you want to be simpler because you can choose taxi actively but do not worry do not know the road.

At the weekend, Hanoi had the policy of opening the walking street in the area around Ngoc Son Temple and banning all means. So if you want to visit the temple on the weekend, you should note travel.

Discover Ngoc Son temple relics

To visit Ngoc Son temple you have to pay to buy tickets. The ticket to Ngoc Son Temple is 30,000 / adult and is free for children.

Right outside Ngoc Son Temple, you will be impressed with the image of the Pen Tower. The tower was built on Ngoc Boi Mountain, formerly Mount Mon Ton in 1865, according to the idea of ​​Nguyen Van Sieu. On the Pen is inscribed three words "Ta Thanh Thien" - meaning "Write to the blue sky"

Pen tower outside Ngoc Son temple
Outside Ngoc Son Temple (photo collection)

After the tickets are finished, you will have to go through the bridge to go to the temple. The red bridge of the legs is made up of large pillars. The name of the bridge is The Huc means "Where to get sunlight in the early morning" or "Condensation halo"

The Huc Bridge
The Huc Bridge (photo collection)

Go inside, you will visit the two main temple here. The two temples of the two gods are Van Xuong De Quan and St. Tran Hung Dao. The two temples are characteristic of the architectural style of the temples in the North. In the two temples are two large statues. The statue of Tran is placed in the harem with a stone pedestal higher than 1 meter, and the statue of Van Xuong holds a pen with a relaxed, elegant look.

Statue of King Tran in Ngoc Son Temple
Van Xuong statue in Ngoc Son temple (photo collection)


Next to the temple two gods, a special place where visitors come to admire it is the area set glass cabinets of Guomes Guomes. The image of turtles dignified with the size of the strange weird to make tourists come here to be curious.

The combination  of Ngoc Son Temple  and Hoan Kiem Lake has created a unified whole of Thien-Nhan architecture, creating ancient beauty and harmony for temples and lakes, evoking the sense of harmony between people and nature. . Ngoc Son Temple and Hoan Kiem Lake have become remnants of old memories of national history, awakening pride, patriotism as well as spirituality and sense of Vietnamese people before the school. survival of the nation.

Directions from Golden Cyclo Hotel to Ngoc Son Temple

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