To Phung Hung street to enjoy the paintings full of art

07/03/2018 16:28

Phung Hung painting mural in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi after the operation was crowded as people as well as tourists to visit, photographed. From 03/02, this place will become a walking street connected with the space of Dong Xuan market and connect the neighboring areas. Walking around the Phung Hung frescoes, enjoy the artistic drawings of the streets, works or pictures of the ao dai bold and nostalgic, bringing back the feeling of returning to Hanoi old.


Pho Hung Bich Street

Frescoes with nostalgic style on Phung Hung Street



The Phung Hung Hanoi Street Fighter Project was launched by Korean and Vietnamese artists on November 3, 1977 and opened on February 2, 1818, attracting many visitors and visitors. , take a photo.



Phung Hung flower

Although formerly a parking lot, but after the completion of Phung Hung street painting became a space to attract tourists everywhere.


Lively frescoes on the dome

Live paintings on the dome.


Phung Hung flower

After 3 months of construction, the mural on Phung Hung Street was completed and opened on the evening of February 2.



The 17 old arches in Phung Hung are painted by mural painters of the department store, street vendors, trains, pictures of masters or women with long dresses in the wind, ... create a space reminiscent of a very old Hanoi, a beautiful Ha Noi quiet, gentle.



Phung Hung frescoes

Pictures of old women with long dresses in the streets.


Phung Hung flower

Launched in the New Year so many people take advantage of the photo shoot with the sharp peach.


Pictures on the street Phung Hung

His image for the text is also reflected on the street paintings


In addition to Phung Hung Street , Hanoi authorities also decorated many electric cabinets and electrical cabinets at Phan Chu Trinh - Ly Thuong Kiet crossroads in Hoan Kiem district. In the future, the city will deploy on many streets such as Trang Tien, Ngo Quyen, Hang Khay, ...


Painters painstakingly painted on Phung Hung's murals

Painters work hard to complete the street frescoes.


A series of electric boots are also worn on the new coat

A series of electric boots are also worn on the new coat



Not only with 17 dome bridges decorated, in the coming time, Hoan Kiem district in cooperation with the Korea International Foundation study the overall orientation of the entire 131-way and adjacent space of the two sides of the arch.

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