Wa Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

23/11/2018 23:19

Located in romantic Tran Phu Street, Wa Japanese Cuisine restaurant with 3 floors consists of 5 dining rooms, 2 of which are designed in modern style and 3 rooms are decorated in Japanese style. The restaurant will bring guests comfort and cozy moments with relatives, friends and colleagues.

Wa Japanese Cuisine has over 20 years of experience in Sydney, Australia and Vietnam. With the talented hands of Japanese chefs with 20 years of experience will bring you the taste of the cuisine of the country Cherry Blossom.

Stepping into Wa Japanese Cuisine Restaurant, light pink light radiates to create a gentle and warm atmosphere. Sophisticated architecture creates an elegant and elegant restaurant space. From the dining table, diners can enjoy the view of the city, the space with open space brings a sense of fun: solemn but very close. The decorations are sticky symbolic meaning with harmonious layout space brings a warm feeling

The restaurant menu is rich with a lot of excellent food and reasonable price. The professional and hospitable staff will be very enthusiastic to help diners choose good and appropriate dishes. You can choose the menu or the menu available from the restaurant.

Unique features make the difference of restaurant Wa Japanese Cuisine is not only architectural furniture but paper dishes unique unique. Hot pot made from Japanese fish with 2 Miso and Japanese specialty soy sauce will definitely make a difference for customers. If you and your family want to enjoy Japanese cuisine in the right way, in a delicate and characteristic space in the heart of the capital, come to Wa Japanese Cuisine.
34G Tran Phu, Dien Ban, Ba Dinh and Goldencyclohotel 950m is only 15 minutes walk away.
Wa Japanese Cuisine, thank you!

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