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*** Giới thiệu:


(Experience the beauty of the Hanoian culture! )

Might you know this famous saying “When you’re in Rome, do as the roman do !”  ? Wow! indeed, such an exact proverb!  VTH travel would like to bring you the most spectacular and liveliest experiences in Vietnam. What would you like most when you travel to new destination ? Most of people want to explore these things, such as: beautiful landscapes, historic sites, shopping, good foods, ect. At Hanoi, we can help you this type of program, you will have chance to enjoy and experience all the new, real and amazing things of Vietnam.

*** Lịch trình tour:

Duration: 5 hours   Morning program 9:00AM /  Afternoon program 3:00PM


Our guide will meet you at hotel, give you a brief of program then start the tour by walking in Hanoi old quarter. first, visit and see the ancient town of Hanoi old quarter through some old streets; second, go shopping (the time for shopping is about 1 hour you can see and choose anything you like most) in some well-known places, ex: Đồng Xuân or Hàng Da market (one of the largest wholesales and retails markets here) and going on to some normal or luxurious shops along streets of Lương Văn Can, Hàng Đào, Hàng Gai, Hàng Bông.. Third, the special highlight of this program is that you have opportunity to try and wear the traditional national costume of Vietnamese people with long, colorful dress for both men and women, then you can relax by sitting on cyclo go around the old quarter and take photograph (suggested beautiful sites: Hoan Kiem lake, the big ancient church, by guide’s smart phone or yours – you can keep them as impressive and meaningful gifts from Vietnam).


Ford, the remaining time, you have occasion to taste and enjoy street foodie program, so normal, simple but delicious cuisines at some eateries, such as: Bún riêu (rice noodle with flavor of crab meat, beef & broth), Bánh đa trộn (big vermicelli mixed with penut, fried tofu, morning glory, crab meat, bean sprout), Bánh cuốn (hot rolling cake including: steamed rice flour, mixed meats with ear mushroom, onion, garlic, herb..), Nem rán / phở cuốn (fried spring roll or fresh spring roll), Bánh xèo (fried pancake with rice flour, quality beef, shrimp, bean sprout), etc. Especially, strongly recommended specialty in Hanoi is Cà phê trứng (egg coffee  - original brand name of Vietnam).


Guest No



60 / 1 pax


49/1 pax


45/ 1 pax

  • Skilled English speaking guide
  • 1 bottle of pure water /1 pax
  • 1 hour for traditional costume + cyclo / 1 pax: nice photos taken in romantic places.
  • 1traditional Vietnamese meal – Lunch or Dinner (*if you’re a vegetarian (no meat, no fish), it’ll be limited in the choice of food for you)
  • Pick up/ Drop off (Hanoi old quarter only)


  • Personal expenses during the tour, ex: beer, wine, different beverages
  • Tipping for tour guide (is not compulsory, depending on your satisfaction)
  • Taxi (if your hotel is far away from the central area of Hanoi old quarter).


  • Cuisine list is (chosen carefully by guide) from 4-6 dishes.
  • Our schedule is the subject to change without notice due to different factors.
  • You obey all the instructions from tour guide.

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