Amadora Wellness & Spa

This is a great place for you and your relatives and friends to enjoy authentic spa art. Amadora Wellness & Spa offers our guests exclusive skin care treatments such as Turkish Hamam Smooth Ham with Himalayan Hot Stone Massage, FIR Light Therapy, Herbal Bag Massage, Hydrotherapy Multi-functional ... Amadora Wellness & Spa is committed to using special essences derived purely from natural herbs and seaweed.

LaLa Nail Studio

Are you feeling boring with your hands and want to make something stand out? Want to find a reputable nail salon in Hanoi to make a difference for your nails? In addition to the names mentioned above LaLa Nail Studio will also be a great choice for you. Always thinking "a beautiful foundation first must be a set of healthy nails", Lala use all paint products of the brand CND absolutely do not damage the nail, ensure the nail for a long time beautiful. Particularly, nail patterns with floral motifs, geometry, horizontal stripes, dots, ... that is the strength of LaLa Nail, each stroke shows the sophistication and meticulousness of workers, giving customers a new feel.

Beans Tra My Nails

"All the best", "the best nail address", ... these are the comments of customers after using nail services. Nails at My Tea. No need to advertise loudly, just enough is enough to prove the professionalism and credibility of this nail salon. Not only bring satisfaction to the unique and impressive nail samples, Nails Beans also make many customers satisfied with modern facilities, the best equipment and the best in security. Birth and nail tools are always sterilized thoroughly, ensuring absolute safety when you use the service.


Nail Room is a nail salon in Korean style. Besides nail beauty services, the Nail Room also offers spa, paraffin and beauty services. Before opening the salon, the lovely Nail Room's owner had time to study in Korea and have business related to beauty such as cosmetics, clothing. Significant patrons create the premise for nail salon development.

Trang Julie Nail

Always leading the trend and quality, Trang Julie Nail will be the first name mentioned in this list. It is not too difficult to understand why this address is so many women in Hanoi so that the place where the BST is extremely diverse in the nail standard "beautiful" - strange. From simple - gentle, personality - unique to the breakthrough full of impression, Trang Julie Nail is fully capable to turn the nail as the style you want.


For centuries, Vietnam has traditionally produced silk and embroidery. Vietnamese silk looks good to wear and easy to wear.


Tan My embroidery shop
66 Hang Gai, Hanoi, Vietnam
Known for its quilts, handmade blankets and elaborate tablecloths, Hanoi is a great place to buy gifts and household items.


Not famous for its high quality ceramic products, but Vietnam is a great place for visitors to own ceramic household items.

Handicrafts of ethnic minorities

Renowned for its blanket products, traditional weaving techniques such as batik printing combined with colorful embroidery, with materials mainly taken from nature, contributed to ethnic minority groups.

Noodle Soup

Address: 67 Hang Dieu, Hoan Kiem District
Phone: (04) 39 230 701
Average price: 30,000 - 55,000 VNĐ

Hang Da Market

Hang Da Market is considered by the Ha Thanh people as a wholesale market for various products from food, clothes, shoes, to gold and cloth. Not new and strange, this place is the mother of choice as a familiar destination and love every day.

Hang Gai Street

Also known as Silk Street, many products are woven by the hands of talented craftsmen. Buying experience should start at about 50% of what the seller offers and pay no more than 70% of the initial price.

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