Golden Cyclo Hotel’s restaurant on the first floor is the main area to serve the dining guests all day from breakfast to lunch and dinner. The guests can savor a wide choice of traditional cuisines in a quiet broad area while enjoy the view of the busy local life outside on Ha Trung street, the most famous street for gold dealing and money exchange in Hanoi. They can also drown themselves in instrumental Vietnamese folk songs every time they come by for a cup of tea or when meeting with their friends and partners.

Morning Buffet: We present a wide range of Hanoi dishes on the menu with distinctive flavors representing the characteristics of Hanoi culinary. These dishes have been receiving quite a lot of positive feedbacks from both Vietnamese and international tourists. Aside from the food, we also offer all types of beverage from alcohol, beer, soft drink to fresh tropical fruit juice on season.

Chả Cá Lã Vọng

The restaurant which can accommodate up to hundreds of guests is also the place for breakfast buffet with more than 50 traditional and Western dishes to be suitable for guests from anywhere in the world. The ingredients are all fresh and selected carefully to provide a nutritious breakfast for a day full of energy.

Bánh Tôm Hồ Tây


From 3pm to 5pm every day, complimentary tea, coffee with fresh fruits and light snacks will be served so that the guests can drop by to restore their energy and let the melodious songs wipe away the tiredness of a long working day or walking around Hanoi. ( not applied this service in 2021)

Golden Cyclo Restaurant: 

Open time        :  From 06: 00 to 22:00/ Breakfast time :  From 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM Room service   : 11:00  -  23:00 (Latest order 21:30)

Due to COVID - 19 Pandemic crisis we do not provide our restaurant services but we will provide information of nearby restaurants and bars



Thong ke