Dong Xuan Market, or Cho Dong Xuan, is located on Hang Dao at the northern end of Hanoi's Old Quarter


For centuries, Vietnam has traditionally produced silk and embroidery. Vietnamese silk looks good to wear and easy to wear.


Tan My embroidery shop
66 Hang Gai, Hanoi, Vietnam
Known for its quilts, handmade blankets and elaborate tablecloths, Hanoi is a great place to buy gifts and household items.


Not famous for its high quality ceramic products, but Vietnam is a great place for visitors to own ceramic household items.

Handicrafts of ethnic minorities

Renowned for its blanket products, traditional weaving techniques such as batik printing combined with colorful embroidery, with materials mainly taken from nature, contributed to ethnic minority groups.

Hang Da Market

Hang Da Market is considered by the Ha Thanh people as a wholesale market for various products from food, clothes, shoes, to gold and cloth. Not new and strange, this place is the mother of choice as a familiar destination and love every day.

Hang Gai Street

Also known as Silk Street, many products are woven by the hands of talented craftsmen. Buying experience should start at about 50% of what the seller offers and pay no more than 70% of the initial price.

Hang Bac Street.

One of the oldest streets in Hanoi has traditionally been silver since the 13th century when silver pieces were brought here from rural villages under the decree of King Le Thanh Tong.


Hanoi Night Market is a hustling and bustling nocturnal fair in the heart of the Old Quarter.

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